What flavors are available? 

Right now, we have cookies & cream, chocolate hazelnut, smores, hot chocolate, strawberry, lemon. Please reach out if you have ideas for more!

Where can I order?

Click here to view our flavors and check out. We are curbside pick-up only.

Will the cheesecake pies be ready to eat? 

The cheesecake pies will be fresh and ready to eat upon pickup. If you would like to pick them up frozen, please reach out directly with your order number.

How long do the cheesecake pies last? 

In the fridge, they are best to eat within the first two to three days for the best flavor. You can also put them in the freezer for a month and thaw them in the fridge to be eaten within two days for the best flavor.

Where can I pick up? 

We are based out of 1434 Hamner Ave, Norco, California. This is a commercial kitchen, not an actual store you can walk into. Please schedule your curbside pick-up time.

Where do you deliver? 

We are not offering delivery at this time. But hopefully in the future.

Can I place a catering or a custom order? 

Yes you can. Please reach out directly to Brooke at Brooke@PacificCheesecakePies.com to coordinate. We will need to plan in advance!

Are you licensed to sell cheesecake?

Yes. We have an official health permit from Riverside county. We have an A rating with the Riverside county health department. We also have our food handler's certificate.

Why do I have to schedule my order? 

Right now, we are operating from a commercial kitchen so we need to schedule in advance. Plus, for the best taste and quality, it's best to give us a couple day's notice. Thank you for understanding.

How can I reach you? 

Please reach out directly at Brooke@PacificCheesecakePies.com.